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These places are best for beaches in Sardinia: Porto Istana Beach; Spiaggia di Cala Coticcio; Porto Giunco; Spiaggia La Cinta; La Pelosa Beach; See more beaches in Sardinia on Tripadviso

Top 10 beach hotels Chia Laguna Resort (Chia) Delphina Hotels & Resort (Northern Sardinia) Forte Village Resort (S. Margherita di Pula) Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi (Villasimius) Villas Resort (Costa Rei) Grand Hotel Ma&Ma (La Maddalena) Pullman Timi Ama (Villasimius) Stella Maris (Villasimius) Hotel Pitrizza (Porto Cervo) Ea Bianca Luxury Resort (Baja Sardinia TUERREDDA BEACH - TEULADA Tuerredda beach is one of the most appreciated of Sardinia. It is located on the south coast, only few Km from Chia and about 58 Km from Cagliari The gorgeous Spiaggia del Principe definitely is one of the best beaches in Sardinia. Spiaggia del Principe - Arzachena. Spiaggia del Principe is considered the brightest pearl of Costa Smeralda, and definitely one of the best beaches in Sardinia (not to mention, this is thought to be one of the 20 most beautiful beaches in the world) The 30 Most beautiful Sardinia Beaches . Best Sardinia beaches from the North coast in Alghero to the South coast of Cagliari . We tried to point out only some but the best Sardinia Beaches are so many and so beautiful that it's almost impossible to list them all. Start your journey with this incredible tour of 1000 miles around the island

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But just beyond the town, via a series of wooden walkways, you'll find one of Sardinia's most enticing beaches, La Pelosa. With white sands lapped by turquoise sea, it's a well-frequented. Putzu Idu is possibly one of the best beaches in Sardinia for families with children. The sea is not deep at all and for a long distance it stays below knee-level. A paradise for kids who want to play in the water the whole day, making a castle and learning to swim. The sand is candid white and soft and the beach is protected from the strong wind Cala Coticcio (Caprera) Cala Coticcio is definitely one of the best beaches in Sardinia. Located in Caprera Island, on the Maddalena Archipelago, off the north east coast of Sardinia, it is completely isolated and strictly protected, as many of Sardinia best beaches All the beaches in the area are public access so there are no fees. The Costa Smeralda region, favored by the rich and famous, is located on Sardinia's northeast coast, 30 km north of the port city of Olbia. Costa Smeralda is made up of 80 bays and beaches, most of them are best reached by boat or yacht Best beaches in Sardinia: Is Arutas Beach Credits: Siniscoast. 3. La Pelosa Beach Stintino area, northern Sardinia. The transparency of its waters reminds of a tropical sea, but the surrounding vegetation is unmistakably Mediterranean. Just in front of the beach, stands Maddalena Archipelago. Best beaches in Sardinia: La Pelosa Beach Credits.

An hour's drive north-west from Cagliari is the elegant provincial capital of Oristano, and some of the west's best beaches are on the nearby Sinis peninsula, which is quiet, flat, and perfect for.. Enjoy the very best of the sun, sand and sea during your holidays to Sardinia by following our guide to the top 10 beaches in Sardinia. White sandy beaches, picturesque coves, crystal-clear water and dramatic landscapes; it's safe to assume that your holiday to Sardinia will be punctuated by idyllic trips to the seaside Chia's Beaches. Chia is a region in the south-east of Sardinia and is the best place to be based if you want to visit multiple beaches, spot pink flamingos, and witness extraordinary sunrises Top 10 Best beaches in Amazing Sardinia - Italy Save Up to 80% on Accommodation‎ - http://best-hotel-deals.info Photos: https://www.beach-inspector.co Southwest of Sardinia's capital of Cagliari, the Costa Sud is a coastline of headlands, between which hide sandy beaches. Some, like the one at Porto Campana, are mile-long stretches of fine sand backed by dunes and have facilities for water sports including paddleboarding and kiteboarding.Crystal-clear water and long shallow drop-off make this a good choice for families with young children

Beaches in this area of Sardinia are some of the best in the world with absolutely amazing green emerald water and white or red sand. For example, Cala di Volpe is one of the best beaches in Sardinia, along with the more famous Liscia Ruja and Capriccioli Below, separated by area are some of the best beaches Sardinia has to offer. Most beaches are easily accessible by car or on foot but in some instances they will be accessible only by boat. Please ask our Reservations Team for more information on 01202 484858. North East & Costa Smeralda

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Check out our list of the best beaches in Sardinia (family friendly as well) - split into handy geographical sections so you can browse those close to your destination - and prepare to be entranced by the beauty of this glorious island.. Surrounded by the stunning blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the wonderfully evocative island of Sardinia is famed for its friendly welcome, amazing. Le più belle spiagge senza trucchi, senza photoshop, senza color grading. TUTTO REALE. Drone Used? Buy here https://amzn.to/2xGepv

When visiting Sardinia, the temptation to relax and unwind is often so tempting that many other aspects of the island are missed. That is to say, the stunning resorts and exotic beaches are undoubtedly a highlight, but there are specific activities which offer visitors an entirely different type of encounter Arguably among the best in Europe, the beaches of the Costa Smeralda - The Emerald Coast - in Sardinia are as beautiful as you will find anywhere, as well as remaining unspoilt and easily accessible #30 Best Value of 43 Beach Resorts in Sardinia This is my second time in this amazing place, and I tell you it is really wonderful. I had the opportunity in this last ten years to visit other 6 resort in Sardegna but none of them is equal to this place Located on the south coast and about 60km from Cagliari, Tuerredda is one of the most appreciated beaches in Sardinia. The area features a prominent creek that overlooks a colorful sea with a varying shade of blue which makes it look similar to the Caribbean beaches

Of the seven Blue Flag beaches found in northeast Sardinia, Santa Teresa Gallura claims three: Rena Bianca, Rena di Ponente, and Rena Levante. The largest and best known of these is Rena Bianca, a beautiful stretch of white sand sloping gently into the green water. With some of Sardinia's shallowest water, it is very popular with swimmers and families The beaches of Sardinia are so many and so different from each other that the choice is difficult. Here are listed the most beautiful ones, those that absolutely deserve a stop on your trip. This is a journey from north to south of Sardinia to discover the most beautiful stretches of its coast. Best Beaches in Sardinia Best Beaches. Isola Rossa; La Marinedda Beach; Li Feruli. Video - Li Feruli; Stintino - La Pelosa; Tinnari; How to Arrive; How to buy property in North Sardinia; Monuments. Giants Tomb | Coddu Vecchju; Giants' Tomb | Li Lolghi; Medieval Sardinia: Castello dei Doria, Chiaramonti, Sassari; Nuraghe Izzana; Nuraghe Paddaggiu; Prehistoric Sardinia - Monte d'Accodd Cala Fuili, is located on the coast of Cala Gonone a little before the beach of Cala Luna and the grotte del Bue Marino. Beautiful white sand and limpid blue sea shaded by thick junipers makes this yet another beautiful beach and one of the best beaches in Sardinia

Solanas Beach. 6. Porto Giunco Beach (Villasimius) Not far from Villasimius, Porto Giunco beach is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the Sardinia's southern coast. Not surprisingly, many advertisers have chosen its white fine sand and its crystaline waters as the location of many advertising spots Porto Ferro first naturist beach in Sardinia: since 30 years the most northern strip of Porto Ferro beach, where a couple of isolated little coves lay between Torre Bianca ( White Tower ) and Torre Negra ( Black Tower ), has always been attended by nudists The best of Sardinia's beaches. 2. Cala Goloritzè - Golfo di Orosei. The last beachette of the gulf, Cala Goloritzè rivals the best. At the southern end, bizarre limestone formations soar away from the cliffside. Among them is jaw-dropping Monte Caroddi, also known as the Aguglia, a 148m-high (485ft) needle of rock beloved of climbers

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  1. 5 Where to stay in Sardinia for best beaches. 5.1 Stintino (north of Alghero) 5.2 The Maddalena Archipelago (the Caribbean micro cosmo) 5.3 The Ogliastra area (quieter and spectacular) 6 Best places to stay in Sardinia for families. 6.1 Villasimius (if travelling with toddlers or small kids) 6.2 Santa Teresa Gallura (with grown-up kids
  2. These are the four beaches I love most - click the name of the beach for more on each one: Bidderosa-In a nature reserve and p erfect for families.; Cala Mariolu - The name means Seal Beach and many consider it to be the best beach in Sardinia.; Goloritzè - Here's a beach that is so good it has been declared a National Monument.; Cala Luna - Legendary Half-Moon Beach
  3. ute drive down a fairly bumpy track to get to the car park, but once you get there it is definitely worth it

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With our Sardinia beach map you can see all 35 beaches at a glance. Find your dream beach with the most suitable holiday offers directly at the beach Sardinia offers some of the Mediterranean's best beaches, edged by dazzling shades of aquamarine and emerald green water - perfect for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. Discover silky sand beaches that offer every conceivable facility and others that rely solely on their scenic beauty, nestled beneath soaring cliffs and fringing tiny coves. Best Beaches in Sardinia. Sardinian beaches are known for their beauty, possessing some of the whitest sands and clearest waters in Europe. The only problem is that the island is quite large and has a long list of beaches to visit, so it can be difficult when trying to decide which one to check out first Dan Bagby, Honeymoon Always Cala Luna beach, one of the best beaches in Sardinia. It is located in the region of Nuoro in the center of the eastern coast of Sardinia One of the best beaches to watch the sun go down and enjoy some fine seafood. There's loads of parking, a hotel, campsite, diving centre and restaurant. Not far away, you can also visit the archaeological area of Bithia, an ancient town, dating back to the Phoenician, Punic and Roman eras

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For sheer natural beauty, the startling white quartz beaches of nearby Is Arutas and Mari Ermi are perhaps a better bet, but the charm of swimming at the foot of two thousand years old relics is hard to beat Jun 20, 2020 - Need an Invite or would like to be added as a contributor? Follow our boards the more the merrier (or ALL) Use the EDIT button to add friends and colleagues you may think will love sharing about Sardinia. Looking forward to seeing your pins, Here's to showing off the best of Sardegna 's Stunning Coastline Ajò! Please Pin only Pictures of Beaches Thank You!! The 9 best beaches for naturists in sardinia Published on Dec 13, 2013 Increases from year to year the number of those who practice nudism and naturism and Sardinia it attracts more and more: here. The best Sardinia beaches - Cagliari and South Sardinia. Share on Pinterest. Share on Pinterest. Share on Pinterest. Share on Pinterest. South Sardinia. Sardinia, a tranquil island with mesmerising views and a fascinating history. The sparkly, blue mediterranean waters look like something from the Maldives. It's precious white sands and.

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  1. 1 - The Bombarde beach, Alghero: The Bombarde beach is the most famous of the whole Coral Riviera , fresh and transparent water, white and fine sand, surrounded by a lush pine forest
  2. Sardinia has islands of its own surrounding it, such as Sant Antioco, which is the best place to stay for nightlife! Families will find the white sandy beaches near the city of Olbia to their best taste - you'll get the luxury of the coast with the excitement of the city
  3. These beaches are definitely some of Sardinia's most beautiful beaches in the eastern part of the island. Many people say that Cala Goloritze is the most beautiful beach on the island and they might be right. The dramatic cliffs and the wilderness of the Golfo di Orosei make this a truly extraordinary destination
  4. Explore Italian coastline highlights such as the amazing Amalfi coast and spend hours watching sunsets from the top of rugged cliffs, or go to Sardinia where you will find some of the most picturesque beaches in Europe. In case you are not sure where to go on your next beach vacation, take a look at our list of 15 best beaches in Italy. 1
  5. Best Beaches in Sardinia. June 19, 2018. Europe, Italy. Sardinia might not be the first place you'd instinctively look to for tropical-esque beaches in Europe, but once there, you'll find white sandy beaches and emerald coloured waves, all of which are only a mere ferry ride from the mainland. With over 2,000km of coastline, the island.
  6. Sant'Elia is one of the least popular beaches in Cagliari, yet it is lovely. Locally known as Cala Diga, this small beach is located very close to Sant'Elia stadium, the old stadium of the city of Cagliari, and right by the Levante del Porto pier
  7. Visit Sardinia: The 25 Best Places to Visit and Must-See Attractions 1. Cagliari. Let's start this guide of Sardinia with Cagliari, the capital.. If the modern part of the city isn't very interesting, the historical center however is worth a visit. If you're visiting Sardinia, you're likely to start or end your trip at Cagliari airport, so why not stay around for a bit and go for a.

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Then, get back to your car and go explore the island's best beaches. The best options are: Maladroxia (small resort), Coa Quaddus (wilder), Cala Sapone and Cala Lunga. The latter, with its transparent shallow water is in my opinion the most beautiful beach of Sant'Antioco. It's quite wild and a bit hidden, as it's located at the end of. With over 1,000 kilometres of coastline it really doesn't matter that a handful of the island's beaches may operate concessions. With so many stunning beaches to choose from this isn't an issue in Sardinia. Sardinia's beaches are quite simply stunning, possibly the best in the Mediterranean, if not Europe The coastal area of the Supramonte borders the Gulf of Orosei and includes several spectacular beaches like Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu, and Cala Goloritze. The best base for exploring the Supramonte is the west coast town of Cala Gonone. It is a charming town and we think that it is one of the best places to stay in Sardinia Located in the north of La Maddalena Island, the Bassa Trinità Beach is one of the most popular in Sardinia. White sand, crystal-clear waters it has it all! It's definitely one of the most stunning beaches in Italy however it can get pretty busy too so make sure you go a bit early to avoid the crowds in summer

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We love Italy. We love beaches. We love that they come together so beautifully on Sardinia. The second largest island in the Mediterranean is home to some of the best beaches in Europe and mercifully free from the overdevelopment that you find elsewhere on the continent Sep 15, 2020 - Some of the beautiful beaches this island has so many of. White sand beaches, clear water, small hidden beaches, long beaches with beautiful sand. Places with miles of sand dunes and beaches with amazing sand and shells. See more ideas about Sardinia, Beautiful beaches, Hidden beach EXPERIENCE THE BEST SARDINIA BEACHES, HOTELS, RESORTS ON THE BEACH & SARDINIA MUST SEE! NEW! Last Updated: December 2019 . Ah, Sardinia Beaches! Some of the best in Europe: Imagine white sandy shores, pristine waters and fabulous hotels and resorts by the beach. No wonder that every year my friends start emailing and calling me with the same.

A guide to the best beaches in Sardinia. Holidays in Sardinia are ideal for those looking for a relaxing Mediterranean retreat. The area offers miles of golden coastline, complete with turquoise waters that provide peace, quiet and some adventurous watersports too Famous for its beaches and glitzy resorts, you'll find effortless indulgence and outstanding beauty throughout the Costa Smeralda, one of the most popular holidaying regions of Sardinia. This is where many of our most renowned properties can be found, with plenty of luxury to be enjoyed on this stunning coastline Best beaches in Northern Sardinia. September 22, 2019 September 29, 2020. It turns out that Northern Sardinia has stunning beaches of all kind. With thin sand, with pebbles, with blue water, with turquoise water, with plenty of tourists (mostly Italian), with no people, with a lot of space, windy, calm, surrounded by lakes, and more. This is. Discover the best beaches on the west coast of the island of Sardinia, around Bosa and Alghero. Rent a hire car to find child-friendly, award-winning, activity-packed (wind-surfing, scuba diving, kite surfing, pedallo) or sun bathing paradises Olbia - Idyllic beaches near the city Olbia is the lively metropolis in the north-east of Sardinia with idyllic beaches. Just like the main beach Pittulongu, countless idyllic beaches in the Gulf of Olbia await to stun visitors with white sand and crystal-clear water. Relaxation and unspoiled nature - just 5 km from the centre of Olbia

Sardinia Private Bay 55 kilometers long, this sliver of elegant coastline is located along the northern end of the island of Sardinia. This is created elegance, as the brainchild of the Aga Khan and a group of investors, this strip of land along the sea has beautiful white beaches, private jet and helicopter access, the urban planned town of Porto Cervo, and stylized landscape with homes built. Beaches in the Maremma area to the south are wild and undeveloped, while the stretch from Grosseto north to Livorno is a mix of developed beaches lined with hotels and stabilimenti, natural areas with rocky or wooded coastline, and industrial zones like at the ports of Piombino and Livorno. From Pisa north to Marina di Carrara, a string of. in Best Beaches in Italy #12. The best time to visit Sardinia is from April to June when the flowers are in bloom, the sea waters are warm, and the temperatures haven't yet reached their July. The Costa Smeralda, located on the northeast Sardinia coast, is one of the most famous and beautiful beach areas in Italy.In this article, I will list all the best beaches in Costa Smeralda you can't absolutely miss and everything you need to know about them The best beaches in Sardinia. Insider tip | Attractions. Day two MORNING. O n the northwest coast, Alghero overlooks the sea and is a delight to wander around. Once conquered by the Catalans, some.

Jun 10, 2020 - All the best drone spots of Sardinia. Including the best beaches, rock formations, sunset spots. Where to drone in Sardinia Apr 20, 2019 - Explore cagona's board sardinia beaches on Pinterest. See more ideas about sardinia, sardinia beach, sardinia italy Sardinia Travel Guide: Hotels, Best Time to Visit Sardinia, Towns, Resorts, Best Beaches, Attractions, Activities, Traditional Dishes, Drinks, Best Ways to Get to Sardinia, Transport and Accommodations - HotelFrien Cala Brandinchi; Joselu Blanco/Flickr Northeastern Sardinia boasts many swaths of idyllic sand, and Cala Brandinchi is perhaps its most serene. The crescent-shaped beach is encircled by pine forest and sand dunes, while the bay hardly sees a wave disrupt the crystal-clear water Amazing, beautiful, paradisiacal In other words: indescribable! Sardinia is the Italian region with the highest coastal development and guess which aspect it is best known for all around the world? Exactly, for its beaches! CharmingItaly usually backs on to this same topic because, first of all summer is coming and second of all, several tourists and Sardinian lovers still ask us which.

Sardinia is a wonderful destination for sunbathing and relaxation, family-friendly seaside holidays and active watersports & scuba diving trips.Discover the best beaches to head to, whatever you are in the mood for Sardinia's best beaches, from sandy to pebbly to pink © Lassedesignen - Fotolia.com 1. Spiaggia di Cala Luna Flanked by a steep wall of rock, the beach of Cala Luna is located in the Golfo di Orosei Cala Luna is considered by many to be among the best beaches in Sardinia. The Mediterranean water of this majestic beach is a kaleidoscope of blue throughout the course of the day, ranging from sparkling turquoise during the day, to ultramarine at sunset. The beach derives its name from it half moon crescent shape We have checked out the beaches of Sardinia for you. The coastline of the island is over 1,800 kilometres in length and is divided into many small areas. The best known coastal regions are Costa Paradiso, Costa Smeralda, Costa Rei, Costa del Sud and Costa Verde Poetto is one of the most visited and appreciated beaches that Sardinia possesses. There is a large selection of places to rent umbrellas and sunbeds; there is many lifeguards and children entertainment as well. Moreover, restaurants and ice cream places make sure you never get too hungry or too hot

Sardinia Italy - Sardinia is a paradise. It's really a beatiful place for its culture, food but in a special way for its sea. In Sardinia there are many of the best Italian beaches. Sand, clear water and a lot of fishes are the characteristics of most of the best beaches in Sardinia Italy. Video Sardinia Ital While it is virtually impossible to name just one beach as the most beautiful beach in Sardinia, La Pelosa Beach in Stintino is without a doubt one of them. Calm turquoise waters and soft sugar-white sand are banked on one side, with lush Mediterranean vegetation and a view of the island of Asinara on the other Best beaches on Sardinia to get your tan. Most beautiful beaches on Sardinia. Cala Luna and Cala Goloritze hikes. Sardinia beach guide

Sardinia is often referred to as the Island of a Thousand Beautiful Beaches for a reason. Sardinia offers nearly 2.000 kilometers of coastline, a succession of bays, coves, caves and islands, but also a variety of impeccable beaches and a colorful and sometimes ineffable sea (make sure to check out this free guide to Sardinia for more details) The best months to visit Sardinia. In my opinion the months of June and September are the best ones to visit Sardinia. The weather is good enough to be considered summer so that you can enjoy a fun beach holiday, without the crowds of July and August Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: Enjoy Kitesurf Sardinia and Learn to Kitesurf in the Best Kite Beaches of Sardinia e.g., Punta Trettu, Cagliari, Porto Pollo, Petrol Beach, Villasimius, Chia, Pula, Porto Pino, Costa Rei, San Teodoro, Badesi

Baunei Beaches of Sardinia Best Italian Beaches in the Mediterranean. Baunei Beaches of Sardinia 40km of beautiful beaches, coves and creeks. Cala Goloritze being the most famous beaches in the collection of best Italian beaches The Best Secret Beaches in Sardinia Written on 05 March 2020. Sardinia's majestic coastline is as long as it is beautiful. Explored by superyacht, it reveals hidden gems at every turn, a great sweep of golden sand in one bay, a tiny cove of emerald water in the next. Sardinia's most famous beaches attract the crowds, and rightly so, but the.

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You can find long white sandy beaches or small coves, beaches Read more Best beaches: 5 places you must go 13 November 2018 1 April 2019 by Ecosport Sardinia Best beaches in Sardinia, Chia Beach - South Sardinia If you're staying in the south near or in Cagliari, Chia Beach is a must visit. The water here is not nearly as blue and clear as the beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea side of the island, but it's a beautiful beach none the less Sardinia had been on my list for a long time. After seeing photos of the beautiful blue sea and white beaches and couldn't wait to book my flight. I will outline what to do in Sardinia in my one week itinerary, including the best beaches and things to see. Sardinia is a popular summer destination,..

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Overview of the best beaches around Palau, Sardinia. Here is an overview of the beaches that we saw. Sciumara beach. The main beach in Palau is Sciumara, the closer to the town.Some of it is equipped with beach chairs and shades, for those who prefer comfort, but there is an area for those who would rather roughing it and just lay on your own towels Sardinia Tourism and Travel: Best of Sardinia. From the sunbathing perfection of its Mediterranean beaches to the exploration of sites such as Su Nuraxi di Barumini - a building structure dating from the Megalithic period - there is something to interest everybody. About a quarter of the island is designated as either a National Park or. Best Beaches in Italy A collection of most stunning beach scenery images that line the coastline of Olbia including the famous Costa Smeralda you will just want to visit yourself Beaches in Italy Sardinia Tour of Beach Photo's of the Province of Olbia. Map Of Sardinia Beaches Click To Find Out More Info On Each Area Top 10 Beaches in South Western Sardinia January 7, 2015 - 12:38 pm; Top Beach Restaurant in Chia (South Western Sardinia) January 6, 2015 - 10:40 am; Virtual Tour 360 - South Western Sardinia, Part 1 January 3, 2015 - 2:32 p

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In this area, famous for its sophisticated tourist centers successfully established during the Sixties, you can find enchanting towns like Porto Cervo, a vacation destination loved by rich tourists from all the world, San Pantaleo, Baja Sardinia e Cannigione where, taking advantage of the key position of our 4 or 5 star hotels in Costa Smeralda, you will enjoy unique panoramas of golden beaches and solitary bays surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean scrub Keep reading to discover our top contenders for the best beaches in Sardinia. Cala Goloritzé. In the town of Baunei, at the southern tip of the Golfo di Orosei, you'll see Cala Goloritzé, a beach that's certainly worth journeying to

There is so much more to Sardinia than the Emerald CoastCagliari | Tours and things to do | Sardinia attractions

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sardinia beaches Collection by Cagona. 100 Summer holidays in Sardinia have become so popular that the peak season summer months are literally spilling over with international tourists. During this time, people from all over the world pack onto the sun-soaked beaches and into the famous clubs and boutiques to get a taste of Italian-Mediterranean culture in Sardinia The Italian island of Sardinia is renowned for the beauty of its coastline, dotted with countless inviting bays and coves, and for those visiting on a luxury yacht charter, the options may seem endless. Here we present seven of the best beaches on the island, which are all much easier to reach from sea rather than by land 2. Marina di Olbia Marina di Olbia is always among our recommendations whenever someone asks what the best Sardinia marinas are. If you decide to book a marina here, you will enjoy the beautiful view of the natural Gulf of Olbia with its emerald water and vast fine beaches Deserted islands, crystal-clear lagoons, divine seas and unspoiled beaches—La Maddalena and Olbia feature some of the best places to visit in Sardinia. Suspended between Sardinia and Corsica, the archipelago of La Maddalena is a scattering of seven large islands and 55 islets, featuring some of the best beaches in Sardinia and all of Italy

Top Ten Beaches in Italy | ITALY MagazineTOP 6 best luxury hotels with private beach in Costa SmeraldaChia Laguna Resort - Chia Village - Chia - Domus De Maria

Cannigione's best beaches are located near the town and the Gulf of Arzachena. There is a wide range of different beaches and inlets to satisfy all needs. Cannigione Beach. Cannigione Beach is a stone's throw away from the town, nearby the old harbor. It consists of a long stretch of white sand with shallow waters, ideal for families. Conia. The Best Beaches in Sardinia to Visit by Superyacht 2020-09-17 Since Italy has reopened its borders for tourism , now is the time to plan a post-coronavirus superyacht holiday or charter cruise around Sardinia Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots: The Best Kite Beaches for Kitesurfing in Sardinia. If you like kitesurfing or learn to kitesurf in Sardinia, getting close to this fantastic sailing sport, here under you will find all information you need for Kitesurfing in Sardinia: the best Sardinia Kite Spots, information on winds and weather, the recommenced Sardinia kite school Villasimius - stunning beaches and nightlife in southern Sardinia. Villasimius is a charming fusion of picturesque beaches, hip nightlife and historical culture: the former fishing village on the south-west tip of Sardinia is guaranteed to impress with its bays, chic clubs and typical Sardinian way of life

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